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Medicare Fraud

The Medicare Program was established to insure the health and medical needs of our nation's aging population.

Unfortunately, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, drug companies and other medical care providers sometimes take advantage of our tax dollars by making false claims to the Medicare Program. This is Medicare fraud.

Some common Medicare fraud schemes include:

Billing Fraud. Billing fraud occurs when a healthcare provider bills for services he or she never performed. Upcoding or exaggerating the amount of time spent with a patient, are other examples of billing fraud.

Medical Necessity Fraud. Providers who perform unnecessary surgeries, falsify doctor's notes, therapy progress notes or other evaluation documents and bill services to Medicare, are committing Medicare Fraud.

Kickbacks for patient referrals. It is illegal to pay for patient referrals when the healthcare services are paid for by a federally-funded program, such as Medicare. Paying improper compensation to a physician for referring, performing, or ordering certain "designated healthcare services" violates the Stark Law. Stark Law and Anti-kickback violations are types of Medicare fraud.

Other common types of Medicare fraud include:

  • home health care fraud
  • hospice care fraud
  • nursing home fraud
  • durable medical equipment fraud
  • wheelchair scams
  • physical, occupational or speech therapy fraud
  • prescription drug fraud

If you have information about a doctor, hospital, nursing home, drug company or other healthcare provider committing Medicare Fraud, you may be able to help the government recover funds and receive up to 30% of the recovery, by becoming a whistleblower.

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