Whistleblowers Have Been Awarded Over $5.2 Billion.

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The False Claims Act

The False Claims Act is a federal law that allows individuals with information about fraud against a government program to report that information and receive an award for stepping forward. The whistleblower, known as the "relator", files a lawsuit on behalf of the federal government. If the government recovers money from the suit, the whistleblower is entitled to 15-30 percent of the government's recovery. Unlike other types of lawsuits, a False Claims Act suit cannot be filed without an attorney or "pro se." So, finding an experienced False Claims attorney is the first step in exploring this type of suit.

Getting paid to do the right thing. Rewarding integrity. That's the False Claims Act in a nutshell.

From 1986 to 2015, the United States government recovered $47.5 billion under the False Claims Act. More than two-thirds of this, about $33.1 billion, was recovered in cases filed by whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. These brave individuals took significant risk to provide information of fraud to the government. Fortunately, the False Claims Act rewards doing the right thing: since 1986, whistleblowers have received over $5.2 billion under the False Claims Act. In 2015 alone, whistleblowers helped recover approximately 2.8 billion dollars and were awarded over $597 million.

Qualifying for an award under the False Claims Act is not automatic. You have to be the first to file a case about the specific misconduct. Your information has to be non-public, meaning that the fraud hasn't been reported in the news or publicly disclosed in a government audit or report. Perhaps most important, you and your attorneys will try to convince the government's attorneys that the fraud resulted in significant harm to the taxpayers and that the case is provable.

Below is a list of the 20 largest False Claims Act recoveries of all time. You can read more about specific types of False Claims Act whistleblower cases by visiting the "types of fraud" section of our website. Or better yet, fill out our confidential evaluation form and speak with one of our attorneys about your situation.

Only you can decide whether filing a False Claims Act claim is right for you. Knowing your rights and your case's potential is good place to start.

The False Claims Act attorneys at Levy Konigsberg have assisted clients in recovering over $72 million under the state and federal False Claims Acts. Our law firm handles whistleblower cases on a nationwide-basis. All consultations are 100% confidential. And because we handle all our whistleblower cases on a contingency fee basis, we only receive a fee if the whistleblower receives an award or other recovery.

If you believe you have evidence of fraud against a government program, including Medicare, Medicaid, mortgage, or Title IV student aid programs, contact us anytime by dialing 1-866-734-6083, or by submitting an online inquiry through this website.

Top 20 False Claims Act Recoveries

 Defendant (Year)Civil RecoveryType of Fraud
1. GlaxoSmithKline (2012)$2,000,000,000Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
2. Johnson & Johnson (2013)$1,720,000,000Off-label Marketing
3. Pfizer (2009)$1,000,000,000Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
4. Bank of America (2012)$1,000,000,000Mortgage Programs
5. Tenet Healthcare (2006)$900,000,000Kickbacks; Overbilling
6. Abbott Laboratories (2012)$800,000,000Off-label Marketing
7. HCA (2000)$731,400,000Healthcare; Overbilling
8. Merck (2008)$650,000,000Kickbacks; False Pricing
9. HCA (2002)$631,000,000Stark Law; Overbilling
10.Merck (2011)$628,000,000Off-label Marketing
11.JPMorgan Chase (2014)$614,000,000Mortgage Programs
12.Amgen (2012)$612,000,000Off-label Marketing
13.GlaxoSmithKline (2010)$600,000,000Off-label Marketing
14.Serono Laboratories (2005)$567,000,000Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
15.TAP Pharmaceuticals (2001)$559,483,560Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
16.New York State (2009)$540,000,000Overbilling Medicaid
17.Astra Zeneca (2010)$520,000,000Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
18.Pfizer (2013)$491,000,000Off-label Marketing
19.Schering Plough (2006)$435,000,000Off-label Marketing; Kickbacks
20.Eli Lilly (2009)$438,000,000Off-label marketing

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