Whistleblowers Have Been Awarded Over $5.2 Billion.

Possible cash award for reporting fraud over $1 million.

Report fraud against the government here.

Becoming a Whistleblower

First and foremost contact us before you do anything. Talk with us. It's not going to cost you anything to get the benefit of our advice right up front. Experienced, knowledgeable and caring... these three words have been the hallmark of Levy Konigsberg LLP, for more than a generation.

We are a nationally recognized trial, litigation, and appellate firm, a leader in Qui Tam [Whistleblower] litigation.

You can rest assured based on our experience, success and promise of absolute confidentiality.

We have great understanding and compassion for honest citizens who see fraud against the government and feel uneasy about reporting it. Our answer is that you can fight fraud and win because the law is on your side. The Qui Tam law has proven to be a very effective and successful tool in combating government fraud. Bolstered by amendments passed by Congress in 1986, this law has given private citizens, who have independent and direct knowledge of fraud, a powerful weapon to prosecute and share in the recovery.

The SEC, IRS and Commodity Futures Trading Commission all also have whistleblower programs which allow you to report fraud and be rewarded for doing so.

Things to think about:

Why are you doing this? It's not about motives of pride or revenge. It is about your duties to your organization, to society, and to yourself.

Do you have the evidence? Make sure you have the background materials and evidence to back up your claims.

Choose the right way to make your case. Call us first.

Don't become a "disgruntled former employee." Be a person doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.

Whistleblowers are an extremely valuable resource to the Government, the SEC, the IRS, the CFTC and to society as a whole.

If you have first-hand knowledge, information or evidence related to acts of fraud perpetrated against the federal government, state or city governments, or the SEC, IRS or CFTC, please contact a whistleblower attorney at Levy Konigsberg LLP, for a free and confidential consultation.

Our attorneys have the dedication and resources it takes to successfully prosecute a Qui Tam case. We can protect your rights, fight fraud and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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